Sales Job – Agent For Hamilton

We are looking for self-employed sales reps

THERE IS NO HOURLY WAGES — You get paid by the sale

– A second language with english is good for sales

– If your resume shows no sales jobs —- we are sending it anyways

– Selling other services like printing or other business services at the same time

– You can make $100 by telling us about a sales lead

– You can make $200 by getting the deal signed

– If you sell two per week —-Now $300, – If you sell three per week —-Now $350,

– If you sell four per week —-Now $400

You are selling debit machines that retail store use to accept VISA + MasterCard + Debit

We have a local Calgary Web Site for sales leads – Pictures + Prices

Our prices are lower than most other company selling the same thing
Our costs per month to the end customers are lower

We have a FREE 5 pages web site for all of our NEW customers. Deal ends Feb 15th

We now have a wireless POS machine, much like a cell phone that gets your customer’s cash in your bank at his front door. Takes interac(debit card), VISA, Master Card or AMEX anywhere a cell phone works.

THESE are our standard prices
Costs: $49.99 Wireless (Cell Phone That Takes Credit Cards)
Costs: $29.99 Phone Line (Standard POS)

Costs for all systems

VISA 1.59% Per Sale
MasterCard 1.59% Per Sale
Interac $0.05
Cell phone time, insurance against theif
warranty $5.00 per month for all accounts

There is a cancelable agreement and a cancelable lease for the unit. Both cancelable items have No exit costs.You are opening an merchant account. Your relationship is directly with the bank. You may use any bank account to to do this with no extra costs.

Return the unit at anytime without any cost. So try us out —
if we are not the best and the less expensive service..
send us home

If you are not accepting credit cards you are losing sales

If you just lose one sales per month because you
don’t accept credit cards you have lost more
that it costs to accept credit cards

Benefits Of Accepting Credit Cards
1) Credit cards are instant loans for your customers
2) More ways to get paid
3) Can be used for other business.
4) Makes sales easier to close because your customers
do not feel like they are spending any money
Call Paul (888) 357-8190  EXT 100

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